Egyptian Vulture feeding station

egyptian vulture project

For the last 20 years there is an ongoing LIFE project for the conservation of Egyptian vultures in Fuerteventura. Recently, the Canary Island government together with the government of the Basilicata region in Italy started the project: “LIFE EGYPTIAN VULTURE – Measures for the conservation of the Egyptian vulture in Italy and the Canary Islands

One of its measures is the creation of Egyptian Vulture feeding stations. The plan is to build one of them in El Jable. The company that was put in charge of the whole project is GESPLAN, a specialist company that takes care of most of the environmental based government assignments. They will built the construction and carry on with the scientific decisions regarding its functioning.

What is our role in it?

We have a Land Trust agreement with a farmer who offered his land to the project and at the same time another Land Trust agreement the Canary Island Government for its use as a feeding station in the context of the LIFE project. Furthemore, we will be guarding the feeding station either in the range of our volunteer project but also as one of the dissertation studies of the university student program.

The impact of the Egyptian vultures feeding station on the wildlife of the habitat. This investigation will observe if other animals attracted to the carrion, like for example ravens, could have a negative impact on the houbara bustards, cream coloured coursers or other animals living in the vicinity.

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