Guarding the desert
Land trust

Guarding and protecting

There are no rangers in El Jable and that is why it is important that we collect all type of evidence during our presence: we rigorously register birds and vegetation but also all the things that shouldn´t be happening such as illegal sand extraction, fly tipping, off road adrenalin driving and other activities that are damaging the wildlife. This documentation is important to aid or pressure authorities to take action for conservation.

Threats to our eco-system

Most of El Jable is private but there are some areas that belong to the Municipality of Teguise. In 2019 we signed a contract with the mayor´s office, in which we commit to report in biannual meetings all the threats we observe in the municipal land.

This then became one of our land trust agreements.

The agreement doesn´t give us a right to act, just to observe and collect evidence, but it is a first step to set up a proper vigilance project of the area.

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