Casa del Jable
Visitor centre


Visitor centre project

Download our project for the creation of a research centre in the Lanzarote El Jable desert plain.
On the edge of El Jable there are four ruined houses dating back to that we would like to restore. In 2019 we put forward a proposition to the local administration who owns them to have them restored and to create a visitor centre and accommodation there.

The largest house has a suitable space perfect for a visitor centre, with a large window space overlooking the desert and the Chinijo Archipelago. Here residents and tourists could learn about the different aspects of El Jable. There is space for a small projection hall and a shop as well.

The second house would be converted into a recovery clinic for injured wildlife and would house a freezer for the corpses of the dead animals we find.

Autopsies on these corpses enable us to discover if birds are being injured by power lines, if animals are being poisoned or predated by feral domestic animals or shot. Such autopsies are an important source of information helping us to prioritise our decisions.

The third house could be converted into a comfortable residential house with 3 ensuite bedrooms, a kitchen, a large living area with a big screen and a small lab. Here we want to accommodate the scientists that come to the island to do research work on any of the topics in El Jable.

Details of the project are attached. The local government is currently considering this project. Our vision of “La Casa del Jable” is being supported by many leading national and international scientists as per recommendation letters at the end of the dossier.

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