Bird Sanctuary
bird sanctuary

Guarding and protecting

This Land Trust contract is still rather in a phase of a wish because the former owner of the land with whom we had a verbal agreement had sold the land so we need to initiate the whole process with the new proprietors:

At the edge of the village Soo in the middle of the desert is an abandoned plantation of approximately 4 ha, all surrounded by wire fence. We noticed that small birds often perch on the wires and especially in spring and autumn, this is the place where we usually can see many pretty migrating song birds. We even set up a small water station, which is very much visited and enjoyed by trumpeter finches, linnets and other birds, but also lizards and small mammals.

Our original plan was to regenerate the natural vegetation in a part of the farm, creating a small bird sanctuary, where we could observe our visitors via camera traps and a hide. Hopefully despite the sale of the land this still come become a reality…

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